How to refer your client to ZipID

To get the best out of the ZipID service it's important that you make it easy for your clients.

1. Include the ZipID Referral Form in your initial pack

The ZipID Referral Form gives your client clear instructions on getting their VOI done quickly and conveniently.

Download ZipID Referral Form

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2. Update your initial client letter (sample below)

Adapt the sample wording below to meet your business needs.

Will ZipID collect your Client Authorisation Forms?

ZipID Partner Program NEW


Now there's even more reasons to recommend us as your preferred VOI agent to your metro clients.

Priority Service
Enhanced Safety
Quality Guaranteed
And much more...

Streamlined referrals NEW

Want an even simpler way to refer clients to ZipID (where available) and provide your Australia Post Form to clients outside our service area?

Contact our Customer Service Team at to learn how.